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Distilled Spirits Made in OhioMurphy, Mike, and Tim LaSelle were lured by the century-old mystique of producing great liquor, and were inspired to create the finest small-batch artisan spirits. The three brothers spent years studying the art of distillation under world renowned master distillers. Belle of Dayton—genuine and unique—began with the resurgence of the American craft spirits. Before Prohibition, grist mills and distilleries dotted the Miami Valley. Spirits were distilled the old-fashioned way—with hard-work, ingenuity, and honest craftsmanship drawing from the area’s deep, mineral-rich water of the Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer. The Belle of Dayton label on each bottle, and the spirit contained therein, pays homage to that time and celebrates our American distilling heritage.

The LaSelle Brothers proudly offer you the Belle of Dayton.
Belle Of Dayton

Distillery Awards

SIP Awards: International Spirits Competition
2015 Platinum Medal
New York World Wine & Spirits
2015 Silver Medal
New York World Wine & Spirits
2014 Silver Medal
San Francisco World Spirits Competition
2017 Double Gold Medal

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